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tv   9 News Now at 6pm  CBS  July 14, 2009 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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reports, the girl's mother and sister are sharing their pain. >> i think of her and she gets me through the day. >> 24-year-old cristie reid hugs prince william commonwealth attorney who won a death penalty conviction against paul powell who is supposed to be executed this day. in 1999, powell raped and nearly killed cristie when she was 14 and murdered her 16-year- old sister, stacey. >> for 10 1/2 years, we have been told this day would arrive. powell exhausted all of his appeals and the final date for execution had been set. >> on monday, the supreme court halted the execution to consider powell's argument that he was tried twice for the same crime. >> we don't have as much rights as he does and we are feeding and clothing him and you know, it's just -- sorry. >> criminal justice for the reason. it's for the criminals. the justice isn't for the victims. >> threw out the first conviction because there was no
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evidence he raped stacey before he killed her. after he wrote a taunting letter to prosecutor, describing how he tried to rape her, he tried him again with new evidence. >> there's no indication he has had a change of heart or remorse whatsoever. >> there's a chance virginia's attorney general may have to argue this death penalty case before the u.s. supreme court. if the court throws it out, even though paul powell's murder conviction stands, prosecutor says he would try them a third time to get a capital murder conviction to stick. >> in richmond, >> if the court denies paul powell's appeal, a new execution date would be set. >> there was no last minute reprieve for a cod nvicteserial killer oic ino.hi a former trk o.driver who ntwe on a ntmultistate killing spree was edexutec uttoday south of columbus. 45-year-old john was pronounced deadtwo hos thafr tee e sur emprcourt jeemrected s re claim that he had brain . damage a victim's mother was on hand for his execution.
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>> it was a very sobering experience. he died a very easy death. very easy. my son layed in a truck that they don't know how long. he had the bullet in his brain. he couldn't get help. >> he killed a total of five people in ohio, alaska, oregon, and new jersey back in the 90s. >> dc councilman, jack evans is mourning the loss of a trusted aid. 30-year-old desie was found dead in baltimore's inner harbor this morning. the communications director disappeared after a boating party on sunday night. she graduated in 2001. police say there are no science of foul play. they believe he fell off a dock at the inner harbor. the dc council authorized an investigation of its best known and most controversial member, marion barry. the council appointed private
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attorney, robert bennett to investigate contracts that barry awarded his former girlfriend, donna. in an exclusive interview, barry spoke today with our bruce johnson and he admitted that he hired him while they were dating. he also said he agreed to pay her $60,000 in taxpayer funds for consulting work. >> very serious financial problems and some other things that i don't want to get into that were personal. we were talking about how you worked it out. >> did you use this contract? >> absolutely not. >> when the relationship went sour? >> absolutely not. > barry could be under more scrutiny. wants the district's district general to look into nonprofit groups that barry helped to establish. new developments tonight in last month's deadly metro
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crash. the firm congressional hearing into the crash began today and a survivor took center stage. digital correspondent is live from capitol hill with more on that. >> everybody was singing from the same song sheet and that is metro needs an infusion of billions of dollars. the victim, patrick put a very public face on all that. a frustrated public face when he arrived late at the hearing and explained why. >> i knew i had to be here at 2:00. i live in kensington, maryland. i decided for the first time to take the red line. i left my home at 12:37. i did not arrive here at capital south until 2:55. and the elevators weren't operating and there were a number of other problems that caused that delay. i apologize. please appreciate my frustration and even giving you that apology. >> and frustration, meanwhile, news from the hearing came from metro general manager, john
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cato who said he goes shopping tomorrow for a new electronic track control system. he doesn't know what it will cost, but he meets with engineers and designers to begin processing a control system that will warn train drivers when electronic controls on the metro system are malfunctioning. the ntsb made this urgent recommendation before their final report is finished because the existing controls may not have detected the train that was hit on the red line during that tragedy back on june 22. reporting live from capitol hill, scott broome, 9news now and >> thanks for that. we are still waiting to learn more about the death of a female masailor fort meyer. he wdybo foasund yesterday after she failed to show up for an overnight shift. the naval criminal investigative service is looking into her death. so far, there's no indication of foul play. supreme court nominee,
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sonia sotomayor is answering critics on capitol hill. on day two of her confirmation hearing, the judge delivered the answer everyone was waiting on. her legal opinion on abortion rulings. >> the court's decision in planned parenthood, reaffirmed the court holding. that is the precedence of the court and settled in terms of the holding of the court. >> judge sotomayor testified that her personal feelings would not decide cases if she was confirmed to serve on the high court. teenagers have gone into the district to drink alcohol. fairfax county officials say it's a growing problem and they are blaming the dc government. right now, under age drinking is a civil offense in the district, so the fairfax county oversight committee on drinking and driving is asking the dc council to make it a crime. two popular walkersville softball coaches have been
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terminated for violating the school's alcohol policy. brad young is one of the coaches. parents brought and drank beer to his home. it wasn't on school property, so they did not know it was against the rules. the next three years, young is prohibited from coaching any sport in frederick county. many of young's team members say the punishment does not fit the crime. >> i really don't think there should be a punishment, actually. i mean, it was off season, post season, none of the minors were consuming it. it was completely hidden. i didn't note it at all. >> i did have a drink. i would have never done anything to jeopardize brad's job. >> the school spokeswoman says young's contract was not renewed because of a violation of the school's alcohol free school system. young has appealed the decision, the other coach has not and did not want to be interviewed. >> still to come, what makes
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dc summer jobs program different this year than in years past? plus, changes on the local radio dial that probably won't sit too well with redskins owner, dan snyder. and tony, a beautiful forecast. >> no doubt it was a great day again today, but things are going to change as we head through the middle of the week. we'll take a look at atvethsena nut,forest in a few tenumis. rswefi 'll keta yo u toe th ea it ceni, stay tuned, weather is coming up next. ni
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summer jobs program. mayor adrian fenty joined some of them today. he was there to pitch the jobs program, but he also did some pitching in. he pulled some weeds and some invasive plants and let his employment services director give the good news about payday. >> every two weeks, a new pay period and this is that first full pay period for the youth. youth as you know are paid district minimum wage, right now it is 6:55 an hour. it does go up to $7.25 on july 27 and youth will get that raise through the summer. >> the summer jobs program put those youth to work with 440 different employers and they clean up public housing projects and white house internships. in tonight's living smart focus, says some of those dollar store deals could be disasters. the site suggests that you leavso meings t ouou yof r rt ie. s occa s,ma ny emofth are koffwith feorrior
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ch aleri t'ss and jewely t ntn con high levels ofadle ipe os fo ampscud anr pepa pl copefo. , stli go toour website, and click on living smart. president obama conceded today that unemployment is likely to keep growing. that's why he was in michigan to call for greater spending on community colleges. the president proposed a $12 billion investment to help teach and train more people for jobs of the future. >> we know that in the coming years, jobs requiring at least an associate degree are projected to grow twice as fast as jobs requiring no college experience. we will not fill those jobs or even keep those jobs here in america without the training offered by community colleges. >> at more than 14%, michigan has the highest unemployment rate in the country. president obama told the audience that many of the job losses in the auto industry are
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not coming back. >> sorry about that guys. >> fortunately, the president's speech was not plagued by the problems he encountered yesterday. a tell prompter crashed to the ground during his remarks on the economy. the president has had a number of tell prompter problems during his brief time in office. the face of washington radio dials is changing again. wjfk fm is switching to all sports. it will be neon as 106.7 the fan. the sports junkies will remain on the air. and exredskin, lavar arrington. that change happened on monday. coming up on 9news now, their very own airline. we'll introduce you to the airways. >> plus, the resolution, those
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stories and more just ahead. /dcb
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this is some breaking news that we have been following this afternoon about 3:15, we found out that two adult hispanic males were trying to swim across the potomac river. one of them lost sight of the other. there was a delay of 40 minutes before emergency rescuers were called. about 5:00, montgomery county's department got in on the search and they were joined by a u.s. park police chopper and trooper 2, that's a maryland state police department chopper. now the missing swimmer was wearing orange shorts and we're told the search is going to continue on the river until dusk. we'll follow this and have the latest for you at 7:00. it's been a rough couple of days for southwest airlines. the passenger jet was forced to make an emergency landing at an
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orlando airport today. a fire in the plane's ax unit. another southwest flight was forced to make an emergency landing in charleston, west virginia. this happened last night after a football sized hole opened up in the passenger cabin. pretty frightening image was captured on a passenger cell phone. that flight was in route to nashville to baltimore. >> just hard for me to understand how a plane can just literally fall apart above your head when you are flying in it. we were a couple thousand feet up in the air when it started tearing apart. >> passengers put on those oxygen masks that dropped from the sealing after the cabin lost pressure. the ntsb says it could take months to determine what caused that very scary ride. >> we trust it was a much calmer day for the inaugural flights of pet airways. the pet airline took to the skies today. pet airways will fly between five major cities, new york,
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washington, chicago, denver, and los angeles. the $250 one way fare is comparable to pet fees at the largest u.s. airlines. the pet owners or the owners of pet airways say they are booked solid for the next two months. >> i don't think you get to go with your pet on the plane. >> do you just send a pet to grandmother's house, do you? i'm assuming you take a regular flight and they take the pet flight and you hook up at some point. >> is it harder? >> it seems more complicated, but the pets seem to like it. >> no football sized holes, no cabin problems. they have their snacks and something to drink, yeah, they are fine. weather wise for us, outstanding is the way i would describe it. last night, dulles airport got down to 53 degrees. that's the kind of stuff you talk about in september and october. not in the middle of july. this is the hottest part of the year and we'll start to live up to that over the next couple of
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days. it will be more like it should be. switch it over and look at the three-day trend. as we head into wednesday and thursday, the high temperatures will climb into the upper 80s to around 90. yes, it's warmer than it has been. the average high is 88. so this is the hottest part of the year, but i still don't see any big heat waves on the horizon. no big stretches of 90-degree weather with the heat index over 100. nothing like that in the immediate future. quite the contrary tonight. mostly clear skies, just like last night. you can open the windows, the temperatures will drop into the 50s for most of you by tomorrow morning. some of you up close to the pennsylvania line and in the mountains, may make it into the 40s. lower 60s in the city. sunset coming up at 8:33. partly sunny skies, a slight chance for a shower or thunderstorm. after 4:00 or 5:00, most of the day tomorrow is going to be dry. the high temperatures between
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85 and 90. right now, we are picking up high, thin clouds on the satellite here. we can call it mostly clear. those clouds aren't going to affect the temperatures from falling off after sunset. why will they fall off? because the air is really dry. the dew point right now is 43. that produces a relative humidity of 26%. that is fall stuff, not the middle of summer stuff. as you know, the dew point can be in the 70s in the middle of july with the heat index over 100. this is really good stuff for this time of the year. 84 degrees in haggerstown. 82 in winchester. 81 at the air station and low to mid 80s down in fredericksburg as well. we expand the view a little bit. take a look around the country, you can see some heat in the southern planes. it has been a hot summer. the southern states have been boiling while we have enjoyed pleasant conditions here in the mid atlantic region. a chunk of heat will slide towards us. we won't get into the core of the heat and it won't last very long. it looks like by the time we get into the weekend, it will
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cool off. a bit of a change for us. this system here that is producing showers and thunderstorms from chicago back down to memphis will be the one that might trigger a shower or thunderstorm for us through the middle portion of the week. tomorrow, a warm front will be approaching from the west. most of the day is going to be dry. as this front gets closer to us, we will see the chance for a thunderstorm. that is a dividing line, not so much between the warm and cooler air, but the dry and humid air. we will get into that tomorrow night and the chance for a thunderstorm and we really could use some rain. it's been dry around here for a couple of weeks now. put a 30% mark on it tomorrow and on thursday. a better chance for rain friday and saturday. so hopefully you'll get a little something at your house as you head into the weekend. look at the temperatures, low to mid 80s over the weekend. so ten days, maybe two weeks out, i don't see any change to this weather pattern. no big heat waves on the horizon. >> fingers crossed. we know it's coming at some
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point. >> probably in august. >> right when training camp is. >> i know what you are getting at. >> we are talking all star game. >> yeah, it's a big baseball game and for one national, it's darn exciting. ahead in sports, he is only 24, but tonight ryan zimmerman accomplishes every little kid's fantasy. the nationals third baseman made his all star debut. why his new manager means business and serena williams graces the hometown team with her presence. those stories next.
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and now, 9sports with sara walsh, the best sports in town. >> every kid that has ever been in the tee ball league dreams of playing in the all star game. odds are, 99.9% of all little leaguers end up disappointed, but not ryan zimmerman. instead the nats third baseman ends up shocked. the virginiaen beach native is realizing his goal, being honored to play among baseball's elite, but his childhood teammates joining him. and years ago, this get together was pretty hard to imagine. >> pretty crazy. to come from when we were 15, 16 years old and didn't realize, we didn't realize we were good. we just enjoyed playing baseball. to be on this stage together, it comes full circle and
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realize where we come from and what we've done. >> and it is back to work immediately tomorrow for zimmerman. his new manager called a practice tomorrow on what would be the final day of the all star break. he will meet with the media for the first time since taking over at 5:00, practice begins at 6:00. the wizards are in action at this very moment playing the first of a five-game summer league schedule against the cavaliers. perhaps the more exciting activity is what is happening in the team's front office. the san antonio express announcing they made a contract. the 34-year-old played on san antonio's championship team in 2007. nothing is imminent, saying at least 16 have shown interest. >> tennis and this evening newly crowned wimbledon champ will make her home debut for the washington capitals. they are hosting the new point beach breakers. this afternoon, she was hosting a clinic for kids.
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>> one of the reasons i love playing team tennis is because you know, i have an opportunity to go to cities that don't normally have tennis and then i have fans here as well as other cities that don't have large tennis tournaments. it's good, almost feel like i ow it to go to these cities. >> serena's match starts at 7:00. and thanks to cleaning his own tournament title, tiger woods heads to more. a victory the the majors. woods has claimed one of the majors for the last five years, 2004 was the last time he went win less in the big four. it's not like he hasn't been close already in '09. he tied for six at the u.s. open and so it's on to turnberry where everyone already knows what is weighing on woods mind. >> hopefully i'll get a major soon, that would be nice. it's one of those things where you can't force it. i have been in position at the
6:28 pm
first two, didn't get it done, unfortunately. hopefully i can do it again. >> lance armstrong still in third after finishing the stage 46th, he has eight seconds off the lead. mark took the stage, his third of the race, renaldo keeps the yellow jersey. and finally, san diego may be a six year nfl veteran, but an alabama football camp, he is the old guy that got schooled. rivers went none. he show the nfler how it is done. thus guaranteeing himself a date for prom this year. >> that's a big deal. that is a big deal. >> all right. it's best deal day. >> i knew that. >> who didn't know that? >> these are jet fighters cruising over it paris today. it is part of the military displayed. the nationals celebration commemorates the storms of the best on the 14th of july in
6:29 pm
1789 and that event marked the beginning of the french revolution. celebrations all over the world for that steel day. >> we are talking about the weather here and things looking good today? >> tonight is going to be awesome. temperatures are going to drop into the 50s. i mean, that hardly ever happens in july. we are going to do it tonight. tomorrow, a little warmer, up to 88 with a chance of a thunderstorm late in the day. the best chance for rain will be friday and saturday. we could use some rain. that's not a bad thing. hopefully that will happen as we go into the weekend and it stays mild with temperatures in the mid 80s. >> all right, things calming down, warming up, and we'll see what happens. >> i think overall, that's a good forecast for the middle of july. >> that's it for 9news now at 6:00. the cbs news with katie couric is next. then join derek at 7:00 for his one on one with david and he'll explain why he wants a broader investigation of ma


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